Other possible session themes

with Laurie & Christophe





To deepen, release additional stresses and go further in developing your full potential, we propose complementary 50mn personalized coaching sessions, toward the same objective still: for you to radiate who you are in your own way.

This, thanks to a truly innovative, very practical and fully adapted approach, using very efficient techniques and tools, and which have proven themselves for nearly 20 years now: the ETHERAPIE™ approach. 

Examples of possible themes: 

  • BIOTEST INITIATION: Develop your own symbiotic reflex that will allow you to objectify your intuition and make ecological, positive and structuring choices
  • QUANTUM & HOLISTIC HARMONIZATION OF YOUR EXTERNAL TEMPLE: Harmonize your in and out temples whether it is your home, office, etc.
  • GUIDED CONSCIOUS DREAMING: Create and set up your own new references in your subconscious with the right brain
  • FOUNDING MYTH: Discover what drives you deeply on a daily basis 
  • QUANTUM SYSTEMIC CONSTELLATIONS (QC): Effectively resolve systemic issues through the quantum method of family constellations
  • HSP-SHAMAN: Potentialize your highly sensitive nature and intuition in your daily life
  • FUTURE THROUGH MUSES: Deepen your perception of the future to free your full enthusiasm and co-create "real new" thanks to the muses
  • WEIGHT LOSS: Release subconscious stresses and blockages related to weight loss, a multi-factorial phenomenon
  • MONEY: Release subconscious stresses, blockages and projections related to money in order to be in abundance in every aspects of your life
  • FEARS: Release fundamental fears, of death, unknown, change & irrational fears
  • PEAT METHOD ETHERAPIE™ version: Release emotions and find inner unity by transcending dualities
  • LIFE NODES: Live serenely the life's paradoxes thanks to the symbolism of the Life nodes
  • ART OF WAR: Release stresses to manage conflicts in a professional or personal context, thanks to Yin strategies
  • SEXOLOGY: Release subconscious blockages and stresses related to sexuality, taboo words, sexual intelligence: learn to favour pleasure, to free yourself from obstacles to learning, from the gaze of others from criticism, ...
  • PROCRASTINATION: Free yourself from subconscious stresses to stop putting off until tomorrow
  • TIME MANAGEMENT: Develop your performance in time and project management
  • EGO MANAGEMENT: Learn to identify and manage your ego
  • TRANSPERSONAL: Work on your values, principles, needs, and self-realization
  • CELTIC QUANTUM TAROT: Position yourself on an issue, decide on an important Life choice by questioning your subconscious
  • LIFE COACHING: Release the stresses that Life offers you to work on 
  • Other topics ...


The sessions take place with Laurie and/or Christophe Claret (HSP couple) and can be done by Zoom and/or at the office (Aix-En-Provence, France).


Etherapie taught me to manage rather than endure my hypersensitivity ... Result: I take increasingly more pleasure in being myself and doing things my way... 


I cannot say enough about how incredibly valuable this work is in providing a new level of self-awareness and giving you a sense of inner peace and power in a world that often makes you doubt those very qualities. This method helped me find my voice, which due to circumstances and fear, had been lost for many years. I am so grateful for the guidance, insight, and strength that these methods continue to provide.


I experienced the 4 Etherapie Steps like a click. I finally realized my true highly sensitivity nature and I finally realize how much it changes my daily life...


I was finally able to put into words what was happening to me. I became aware of my high sensitivity and learned to manage it in my everyday life. For me, there is really a BEFORE and an AFTER this training which has changed my life. A big thank-you.