Living your HSP nature with joy and serenity is possible


Start the ETHERAPIE™ 4-step process

We offer you the opportunity to radiate who you are in your own way through personalized individual sessions (from 5 to 10 appointments) to release your stresses and access to your full potential

The "4 steps" personalized sessions
by Zoom and/or in person in Aix-En-Provence, France

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Being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) is an opportunity, an asset to be expressed in today's world but it can also be a real challenge to face on a daily basis if not properly managed (stress, anxiety, burn out, overwork, ...). 


Learning to manage your HSP nature, living it with joy and serenity, is possible. 


We offer you the opportunity to radiate who you are in your own way, through personalized individual sessions.


Our approach is based on the ETHERAPIE™ 4-step process : a very personalized support through from 5 to 10 sessions of 50mn each, spaced out over a month.


This approach is truly innovative, very practical and fully adapted to your specific context, and using very efficient techniques and tools, which have proven themselves for nearly 20 years now. 


A few examples of topics covered during the sessions


  • Managing your hypersensitivity, hypersensoriality, (HSP "Highly Sensitive Person")
  • Managing one's emotionality
  • Regaining self-confidence, inner security
  • Recovering, making reliable, developing one's intuition, receptivity, creativity
  • How to regain the enthusiasm for life? 
  • Manage your hypersensitivity in a couple relationship
  • Managing hypersensitivity in a family relationship 
  • Getting out of destructive relationship patterns 
  • How to communicate as a HSP person?
  • How to create a positive, structuring and enthusiastic future in your own way
  • How to (re)find meaning in Life
  • Searching for and making sense of causalities (decoding)
  • Finding answers to metaphysical questions
  • ...

The sessions take place with Laurie and/or Christophe Claret (HSP couple) and can be done by Zoom and/or at the office (Aix-En-Provence, France)


Etherapie taught me to manage rather than endure my hypersensitivity ... Result: I take increasingly more pleasure in being myself and doing things my way...


I cannot say enough about how incredibly valuable this work is in providing a new level of self-awareness and giving you a sense of inner peace and power in a world that often makes you doubt those very qualities. This method helped me find my voice, which due to circumstances and fear, had been lost for many years. I am so grateful for the guidance, insight, and strength that these methods continue to provide.


I experienced the 4 Etherapie Steps like a click. I finally realized my true highly sensitivity nature and I finally realize how much it changes my daily life...


I was finally able to put into words what was happening to me. I became aware of my high sensitivity and learned to manage it in my everyday life. For me, there is really a BEFORE and an AFTER this training which has changed my life. A big thank-you.