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"What is Etherapie™? A dialogue between your cellular memory and your conscious mind"

by Laurie Couture Claret

Are you looking for tools to better cope with your HSP nature? Discover the Etherapie™ approach with the ebook "What Is Etherapie™?" written


An Ethérapie™️ session is a dialogue between your cellular memory and your conscious mind made possible by an Ethérapie™️ practitioner. By the end of the consultation, the various causes of stress, malaise, and the roots of unhappiness are identified and reparative processes are put in place.
Ethérapie™️ is a humanistic approach.
It also takes into consideration the fact that life is a perpetual change.
Ethérapie™️ adjusts to both the societal and energetical context. 2012 marked the beginning of profound changes. In astrology we are in a very significant transitional period, related to the installation of the Aquarian Age. From a systemic point of view, we are in a phase of necessary chaos for the evolution of the system.

Therefore, Ethérapie™️, indeed, recontextualizes the approach, or “movement”. Above all, Ethérapie™️ is a holistic care living system, as Life is a perpetual motion itself.

Paris-based expert therapists, Pascale & Marc Polizzi, Ethérapie™️ founders, propose individual consultations for life coaching or brief therapy. They also provide external supervision for experienced practitioners, coaches and therapists. Their Transpersonal, systemic and Sophia-therapist approach gives a rare and complementary axis compared to other approaches.


Their expertise areas are:
. How to (re)find meaning in Life,
. Remaining at your optimum capacities under competitive conditions (studies, management, sports),
. Systemic steering (family system, company, ...),
. Causality search and meaning (decoding),
. Adaptation strategy for High Potential persons (HP), Intellectually High Potential persons (HPI), Emotionally High Potential persons (HPE), Zebras,...
. Hyper-Sensoriality or High Sensitivity Management (persons described by Dr. Elaine Aron as HSP: Highly Sensitive Persons)
. Finding answers to metaphysical questions, …

"Etherapie, a solution for the challenges of the 21st century"

Pascale & Marc POLIZZI

Founders of Etherapie, Therapists, Life Coaches, and Authors

Etherapie taught me to manage rather than endure my hypersensitivity ... Result: I take increasingly more pleasure in being myself and doing things my way...


I cannot say enough about how incredibly valuable this work is in providing a new level of self-awareness and giving you a sense of inner peace and power in a world that often makes you doubt those very qualities. This method helped me find my voice, which due to circumstances and fear, had been lost for many years. I am so grateful for the guidance, insight, and strength that these methods continue to provide.


I experienced the 4 Etherapie Steps like a click. I finally realized my true highly sensitivity nature and I finally realize how much it changes my daily life...


I was finally able to put into words what was happening to me. I became aware of my high sensitivity and learned to manage it in my everyday life. For me, there is really a BEFORE and an AFTER this training which has changed my life. A big thank-you.